Terms and Conditions

Providing horse riding opportunities for the disabled

Animal Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

Please understand that you are sponsoring a pony or horse and that at no time do you, as the sponsor, become the registered owner or keeper of that pony or horse.

Please understand that it is not always possible to meet your chosen pony or horse when you visit the Riding Centre.  There will always be some lovely ponies and horses here to meet you, but their health comes first and we can’t guarantee that your chosen pony or horse will be available on any given day.

We can’t guarantee that your chosen pony or horse will remain with the Riding Centre as there may be very good reasons for a pony or horse to be rehomed.

Subscription Notice

This is a monthly Direct Debit, which you are free to cancel at any time you wish. Payments are taken through PayPal via a Monthly Direct Debit. You can cancel subscriptions via your PayPal account or Bank for guides on how to do this please click here.

If you’d prefer not to sponsor one of our Horses you can also make a One Off Donation by clicking here!