What we do

Providing horse riding opportunities for the disabled

Horse riding is accessible to all and being around horses changes peoples’ lives. Margaret Haes knew this and was teaching disabled riders long before others followed establishing Riding for Disabled Centres across the country. In fact the national Riding for Disabled Association we know today has its origins in the North West, where Margaret was instrumental in its creation .

We support the most vulnerable children and adults in society. All we ask is a donation from our disabled riders. Around 160 riders attend very week and, of those, over half have a disability. We support those with mental health issues, physical disabilities, complex conditions, visual and hearing impairments, depression, self harm, children and young adults with special education needs, and the lonely and isolated.

Anyone 4 years and older can ride with us and many young and old simply want to volunteer. Being active, enjoy the outdoors, socialising and having fun is so important for well being!

All our lessons are inclusive. No differentiation, other than your riding ability, so it depends on whether you are a complete beginner needing a lead rein or more confident and ready to canter around our arenas and jump!

We offer supported volunteer placements for young people with a disability and we are excited now to have secured funding to offer a new service, Equine Facilitated Learning aimed at the lonely and isolated. The Charity continues to reach so many groups in the community and benefits many people by just being involved with horses.

We always need volunteers, so if you can spare an hour or two to help we would be delighted to hear from you.

Simply being outdoors and enjoying the countryside will boost your general wellbeing. There is a real sense of exhilaration and freedom when you ride, a feeling that is second to none. We see the smiles of our riders and the calming impact. It is not just us saying that being around horses is beneficial! There is research which highlights the benefits to people with disabilities: huge improvements in their ability to communicate, a marked physical improvement as well as an increased ability to build relationships. Those suffering with loneliness and isolation are helped to find a renewed sense of wellbeing. See our stories to better understand what it means to our riders and volunteers.

We have an indoor and outdoor riding arena and we offer hacks out, on quiet lanes and moors .

As for the horses, they are specially selected based on temperament and size. We have 12 horses and all suitable for complete beginners and some capable of more advanced work.

We have BHS Accredited Professional Coaches and a great team . We are licensed by Bury Council and fully insured.

We rely on voluntary help and donations to deliver our services.